Our Instructors

Meet our expert instructors that will lead each class to success and push you to your limits!




Location: Westside 

Certification: Spin certified- Stages Cycling 

Favorite Part of Class: The AFTER work out feel. You feel worked but also energized, sweaty and accomplished. 

Class Vibe: High intensity, Give it your all (Every.Damn.Day)

Favorite Beat: Variety of music 

Mindset/last push: Step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to the very end #spinwithapurpose



Location: Westside 

Certification: cycling fusion, stages cycling 

Favorite part of class: pyramid drills, HIIT drills

Class vibe: high energy, heart pounding, sweat fest

Favorite beat:  Pink. Queen, Bruno Mars, Pit Pull, Imagine Dragon 

Mindset/last push:

We have our final push to the end.  This is where we make our gains. When we are fatigued and push through. Let’s force put all our strength and determination into our final push. Let’s empty those tanks and finish strong.



Location: Westside (best side)

Certification: Spin Certified 

Fav part: I love Tabata’s. I like to vary anywhere from a heavy seated climb to an out of the saddle sprint. 

Class vibe: All in (give 100%), Sweaty, High intensity 

Fav beats: I bring something for everyone..mainly Chris Brown, Sia, Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Eric Prydz. And I always have room to add in an oldie 

Mindset: Leave everything at the door...all your stresses, daily activities..Push out of your comfort zone and empty your tanks. No excuses.